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fanfiction about Disney Channel movies, shows, or stars, past and present.
WELCOME TO disneych_fic!
Here you may post fanfiction about anything Disney Channel!

what is allowed / who can post / what happens here / how to post / general rules / mods / affiliates / helpful links / credits / the most important rule of all!

&; What Fanfiction Is Allowed Here?
- Anything Disney Channel related that is currently on the air (i.e. Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place, High School Musical, etc), or has been on Disney Channel at some point in the past (i.e. Lizzie McGuire, Even Stevens, The Famous Jett Jackson, etc). Check the interests (further down this page) for an unofficial list of allowed fandoms (contact the mod if you're still not sure!)
- Fanfiction can be virtually any format: oneshot, chaptered work-in-progress (WIP), songfic or ficmix, etc.
- Real person fanfiction (RPF) is accepted - it does squick some, but interests others, much like slash and other "adult" concepts. These things are allowed at disneych_fic so as not to hinder our members' creativity.
- On a similar note, adult content of any nature is accepted, but make sure it is clearly marked.
- Long story short: if there's even a slight possibility that some material may offend, CLEARLY MARK your story as such - leave no room for confusion!
- Anything rated R or above must be linked to an outside journal or archive, and clearly marked.
* Please do not post icons, fanmixes (different from ficmixes), etc.
* You may only promote other LJ communities if you post your own fanfiction in the same entry. Your promotion is limited to two or three lines, and no images larger than 200 x 200. Also, the community you are promoting must be clearly related to the topic of Disney Channel or fanfiction.

&; Who Can Post Here?
- Anyone can post, as long as they are a member here!
- In other words, you must join the community in order to post your story (however, you do not need to join in order to read most entries).
- Please only post your own work, with the exception of posting a recommendation of another's story.
     = if you would like to post a recommendation of someone else's story, you may not copy & paste the original here - you may only link to the original
     = be sure to get the author's permission before you link or post an excerpt of their work

&; What Else Happens At disneych_fic?
- Periodically, the mod (left_to_leave) may post a challenge or a poll.
- Members are encouraged to post their own challenges and polls as well! I would love to see this community be active with a lot of participants!
- Members may also ask questions regarding any of the following:
     = search for beta readers
     = ask for second opinions (i.e. "Is this situation plausible?" "Is so-and-so in character?" "Does this make sense?"). When asking for advice such as this, please only post an excerpt, or short snippet of the work as an example.
- As the community grows, we'll come up with fun new things for members to participate in!

&; How Do I Post?
- First, join the community!
- Use this format (or something similar) in your entry:

(Copy and paste the code above - make sure your entry mode is set to HTML, NOT RICH TEXT! - then fill in your info and post!)
- Please, please, please utilize the tag system! This makes it easier for readers to find the story they're looking for, and to keep things organized.
     = tags should look like the ones on the unofficial tags list
     = be as comprehensible as possible: include author, fandom, rating, pairings, and characters as they apply
     = if a tag you need is not on the list (some tags are private, but should show up when you begin typing), don't hesitate to drop a line! The mod will add it straightaway!
- Your subject line should be formatted as such:
fandom - your title - rating - main characters/pairing/etc (optional)
- Here is a SAMPLE POST. This is what a typical post would look like.

- The rules about formatting are not set in stone... I'm just a neat freak! Formatting helps keep things nice and neat, but I won't get on your case about it. ;)

&; General Rules
- Be respectful of others! This is key. Use wisdom.
- If you don't like something about someone's fic, it's simple: don't read the fic!
- If you have a severe issue with another user or their fic (such as stalking or harassment), check LJ's policies on handling it.
- Don't hesitate to contact the mod with any questions or concerns! This is a place for you, the readers and writers, and we want this to be as user-friendly and fun as possible!
- The mod and co-mods reserve the right to ban anyone who makes trouble! This is done subjectively and is assessed on a case-by-case basis.
- Be mindful of LJ's Terms of Service.
- Long story short: play nice and you won't be banned. :)

&; Moderators
  • Ali, left_to_leave (moderator)
  • Stephanie, flareonfury
    - any and all questions/comments/concerned should be directed to the moderator or a maintainer if you cannot find help in the FAQ.
    - if you're interested in being a maintainer, please send me (Ali) a message or leave a comment in my journal.
    - I am also looking for someone to create a layout/header/default icon for the community! I would do it myself, but I lost my graphics programs when I switched computers and haven't acquired any new ones yet. If you're interested, please comment my journal or send a message.
    - disneych_fic is also open to affiliates!

    &; Affiliates
  • disneych_100
  • hsm_100
  • wowpdrabbles
  • jonastv
  • jonasshowfic
  • lwd_crossovers
  • everyfandomfest
  • tv_100
  • disney_uberland
  • xoverland
    - If you would like to affiliate with disneych_fic, please comment here! :)

    &; Helpful Links
    - Join! Or, if you just want to read and don't want to post, we encourage you to watch the community!
    - Post an entry to the community!
    - Tags - find the story you're looking for (also, be sure to use these in your entries)!
    - FAQ (frequently asked questions) - if you have ANY questions, check here, or leave a comment!
    - Affiliates - comment here to be an affiliate with disneych_fic!
    - LJ Policies on Conflicts with Other Users and LJ's Terms of Service - go here if you have a severe problem with another user, or need a refresher on what LJ considers acceptable conduct/content.

    &; Credits
    - Header was created by flareonfury/harpieicons.
    - Stylesheet was created by xaddictionsx.

    Thanks for joining!
    Don't let the Big Bad Info Page scare you off...
    Use common sense and you'll be fine!
    After all, the biggest rule here is to just